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Data Scientist

3 to 12 years
3 to 12 years
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Job Description Summary

Plans, designs, develops and tests software systems or applications for software enhancements and new products including cloud-based or internet-related tools.

Principal Responsibilities and Duties

  • Implement ad targeting models that use advanced statistical and machine learning techniques
  • Develop and implement algorithms that work with large scale data to forecast and optimize return on online advertising spend that Adobe Media Optimizer manages
  • Collaborate with product management and engineering groups for new product features/ enhancements


  • Background in Computer science, Statistics or related fields is required.
  • Command of Python, R,C/C++, and Unix/Linux
  • Must have solid understanding of statistical modeling/machine learning/ data mining/ recommender systems concepts
  • Strong analytical quantitative and problem solving ability
  • Experience with architecting, building and deploying reliable algorithms-based ad optimization systems that work at scale is a plus.
  • Demonstrated ability to deal with very large datasets
  • A solid understanding of Hadoop, Hive and Map/Reduce programming is desirable
  • Knowledge of databases & their structure (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL)
  • Excellent communication and relationship skills &a strong team player.
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Data Scientist

Adobe   •   Bengaluru