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Computer Scientist

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5+ years
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  About opportunity

Job title :

  • Hands on experience in Computer Vision using Deep Learning.
  • Should be comfortable in working in the research phase of the projects which includes identifying and applying innovations in Deep Learning and Computer Vision for the Digital Marketing use cases.
  • Should be able to mentor interns and guide members in the team.
  • Should be comfortable in programming and driving the project along with presenting and publishing the work in conferences.
  • Should have good communication skills and should be able to interact and work with other teams in Adobe for data collection and application of the project in their solutions.

What does the candidate need to succeed in his role?

  • Post Graduate or Ph.D in Data Science/Computer Science
  • Minimum 5 years experience in Machine Learning or Deep Learning.
  • Good Understanding of deep learning
  • Hands on expertise in Deep Learning Frameworks.
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Computer Scientist

Adobe   •   Bengaluru