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The future is infinitely wide and begging to be reimagined and Publicis Sapient is looking for people who have the courage to make their dent in what has always been. If you have an optimism that says there is no limit to what we can achieve in a time inviting those with vision to shake things up, then we should talk. Connected thinking, challenging boundaries, and the power of digital redefining a connected world fuel our work. Our people thrive because of the belief that it’s both our privilege and responsibility to usher our clients and the world into what is next. We’re seeking those who question the status quo and want to reimagine the way the world works while realizing a smarter way for business to help – all in service of improving the daily lives of people, the world, your career. Next_reimagined.

Job Summary:

As a Director Cloud, the person will own the design, and implementation / migration of large & complex applications on Public Cloud. This is an exciting technical leadership position in charge of designing & building cloud infrastructure. The role is not only to be a trusted advisor to our clients for driving the next generation innovation but also a leader in advancing the group’s capabilities into the future. Lead the creation of value proposition and USP in Cloud capability / CoE. Provide thought leadership on the domain & mentorship to team. Lead innovation & ideation by leveraging evolving technologies to identify opportunities of efficiencies in driving business excellence.
The role is critical and a core building block to our core market offerings in eCommerce, advertising, adtech and digital transformation. As an evangelist for Cloud, you will collaborate with leaders in various divisions, industries and geographies, in developing & implementing solutions for our clients.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Strategizing, designing and implementing highly efficient solution on Pubic Cloud (Amazon Web Services, Azure or GCP) for security, resilience, performant, networking, availability, Blue-green deployments in context of business application.
  • Security Hardening of cloud infrastructure application/web server against known/unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Assess client needs and requirements to ensure appropriate approach to solve client challenges
  • Recommend right public / private cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS) required for the solution
  • Expert in Capacity Planning Design, cost and effort estimations
  • Experience in cloud comparison & recommendation
  • Experience in Cloud (Public & Private) cost optimization
  • Designing and set up automated backup and restoration of application/web servers/ databases/ datalakes to object storage like S3.
  • Deliver best in class operations tooling & practices, including CI, CD, chatops, RBA, and RPA
  • Writing infrastructure as code for public or private clouds and implement modern cloud Integration architecture using –

  • Configuration Management (Chef, Puppet or Ansible )

  • SCM (TFS or GIT)
  • CI tools (Jenkins or Bamboo)
  • Azure Resource Manager, Cloud formation or Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Scripting language: Python, Bash and Shell
  • Container services like ECS, ACS, GCE or Kubernetes

  • Architecting and implementing end to end monitoring solution in cloud (Nagios, Zabbix, AppD, CWatch etc) including billing

  • Understands compliance, safe harbor and law of land
  • Design for failover, high availability, MTTR , MTTF and MTBF
  • Must have understanding of SDLC
  • Designing and implementing software engineering processes, improve efficiency
  • Implementing shift left strategy
  • Monitor application, systems and infrastructure health
  • Report on business and processes metrics
  • Balance governance, ownership and freedom against reliability
  • Evaluate the undifferentiated heavy lifting of operating in house solutions versus adopting cloud native services (Public vs. Private)
  • Deliver best in class operations tooling & practices, including CI, CD and chatops
  • Work closely with Security Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering and SRE
  • Develop, motivate, empower, and evaluate individual contributors and grow their professional, leadership, and technical skills
  • Provide thought leadership for the development of Cloud COE agenda and COE management.
  • Grow the COE team in India, through internal and external hiring.
  • Establish relationships with key stakeholders across Global delivery organization to make Cloud COE a go to function.
  • Experience in building/supporting/testing/operating IaaS platforms

Experience Guidelines:

  • Overall experience of 16+ years in Infrastructure, Middleware Administration, and Cloud.
  • 5+ years of working in Cloud (Public, & Private) with extensive knowledge on one or more Public Cloud.
  • Delivery experience in solutioning, implementing or migrating a large CMS / E-commerce / Enterprise workload to Cloud.
  • Proven ability to plan and execute change on an enterprise scale, with outcomes that fulfil the original business case
  • Can look through lenses of business, functional, and technology.
  • Can manage multiple projects simultaneously; able to evaluate progress or mitigate risks.
  • Knowledge of emerging technologies, various platforms, tools and products and their respective applications
  • Have worked in a client-facing role or at a client location
  • Awareness of industry trends and directions and its impact on IT services
  • Experience of working in/with multi-vendor, 3rd parties, and client teams
  • Total knowledge of delivery management, various delivery models etc.
  • Delivery, stakeholder & client management


  • Execution: Ability to identify critical paths and drive the plans to support one or more complex product and platform deliverables with a commitment to quality and time
  • Management: A true “roll up the sleeves and get it done” working approach; demonstrated success as a problem solver, operating as a result-oriented, self-starter
  • Communication: Superior communication skills with the ability to present technical topics to non-technical audiences and build partnerships with business area leaders and external solution providers
  • Leadership: Ability to maintain high morale, both within the operations group, and externally as well by inspiring trust and sense of achievement. Shape opinions and build confidence in the teams while facilitating new tool and technology evaluations and introducing new processes and practices
  • Judgement: Be able to manage risk identification and risk mitigation strategies associated with the architecture and make sound decisions with limited and incomplete data


  • Full time Bachelor’s/Master’s degree(Science or Engineering preferred)

Projects this role will support:

  • Large Digital Platforms, E-commerce/retail, banking/financial applications & Enterprise applications
  • Will be a part of CoE, which caters to various delivery projects across geography
  • Lead specific functions in CoE
  • Pre-Sales & SWAT Team

Possible career-paths:

  • Wide range of career possibilities from Subject Matter Expert (SME), Individual Contributor, to Director of Technology (DoT)
  • Cloud Infrastructure Lead on one or more Delivery engagements
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Cloud Computing Consultant

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