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Business Manager

Airtel X Labs
7 - 13 years
7 - 13 years
Public Sector Unit
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Public Sector Unit

  About opportunity

Purpose of the Job

The role is responsible for achieving vertical sales and revenue targets at the regiona level through effective management of a team of account managers, handling sales for both Data Services and voice solutions. The role is essentially involved in setting, allocating and ensuring meeting of the vertical sales targets for the set of Government/ PSU Accounts in the region.
Act as a bridge between the organization and the client to nurture / develop a relationship between the client and the organization for mutual benefit and increase market share. Additionally, handle effectively Order Booking, Account Management, Customer Retention, Collection with focus upon Bad Debt, Project Feasibility & Deliverable by close coordination with Project team, Customer Satisfaction , Key customer association, Inter-functional and Intra functional Interaction Process Flow and SLA adherence Information.

Deliverables (Maximum 5-6 key responsibilities)

Increase Revenue from Data, Mobile & Fixed line Business

  • Develop new leads from new / existing accounts, coordinate kick off meetings, review customer requirements, identify Airtel Business capabilities for designing resolutions, ensuring preparation of RFS and project take-off.
  • Ensure Account Coverage and Account Management with select industry clients and improve the revenues from accounts and manage the overall profitability for an account.
  • Develop Enterprise Account based strategy i.e. understanding the existing telecom solutions and proposing solutions to maximize share of business
  • Understand the business, market needs and the competitive environment of the client
  • Coordination with OEMs and IT Consultants for large and complex opportunities in their set of accounts.

Enhance customer experience and delight

  • Define customer impacting KPIs, review and monitor processes and continuously improve customer support processes and manage the customer retention through churn control and effective rate control
  • Ensure adherence to SLA, project delivery and collections and have a keen eye towards customer satisfaction.
  • Build the relationship with the customer by helping the customer get the best customized solution s/he can get.

Account Penetration & Account Planning

  • Need to ensure account planning and BVC/ Use Case study for the accounts and map the goals of the account and ensure coverage within the account both it terms of the breadth & width of the account.
  • Help move the account over the continuum and get certification from the customer.

Process Compliance and Stakeholder Management

  • Stay up-to-date with the bidding, tendering processes and related compliances
  • Ensure adherence to all SLAs and norms issued by the Govt / PSU Accounts
  • Help move the account over the continuum and get certification from the customer.
  • Strong connect with the senior level stakeholders to drive business

Team Development

  • Groom a strong, empowered team, which drives business with self-initiative and provides bench strength to the organization

Major Challenges :

  • Appreciate the current challenges and concerns of the key customers, as well as future trends that may be impactful to their business
  • Needs to demonstrate knowledge and competency in relevant domains in order to manage different stakeholders unto a common goal and direction.
  • Networking and selling skills are essential to develop strong circle of influence across the companies.
  • Internally, needs to guide/align direct and indirect organizations to deliver the desired outcomes based on agreed team strategy.
  • Thoroughly understand the business of the organization in order to develop a true business relationship with the customer and cater to his/her needs accordingly

Decision level


Final Decision Making authority, accountable to the Management
- Product DOAs
- Voice products basis on market dynamics
- Revenue & OB Growth of the set of accounts


Decisions reached jointly with peers on a collective basis
- Got to market strategy
- Co-creating Synergies and workways with Product/ TSG and CS team
- Managing RFPs , High capex and Bid management


Makes a major contribution to a decision or policy judgment reached by others
- Competition information
- Customer experience

Demonstrate (Key competencies)

  • Commercial Acumen
  • Liaising with the Stakeholders
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Key Account Planning & Management
  • Executive Presence
  • Enterprise/ Next Gen Product Knowledge
  • Strategic vision - both short term and long term.
  • Time Management and delegation
  • Building Teams: guide and motivate the team in order to achieve synergy
  • Cross-functional collaboration

Educational Level

Must have:

MBA or equivalent


B.E./ B. Tech. + MBA

Working Experience

  • Sr Mgr: 10 + years Sales experience in the Govt/ PSU domains preferably from Telco/SI/OEM industry
  • DGM: 12+ years Sales experience in the Govt/ PSU domains preferably from Telco/SI/OEM industry


Sr Manager
Data Revenue: 400 Mn
Data OB: 240 Mn

Data Revenue: 600 Mn
Data OB: 360 Mn

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Business Manager

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