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Bot Developer

2 - 7 years
2 - 7 years
Apache MXNet
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
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Apache MXNet
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
ANZ Operations and Technology, Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

  About opportunity

Your Mission

Our purpose is to provide the intelligent automation platform and services that optimises our business processes through Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) and Robotics to provide radically simpler customer experiences and banking processes execution.
Here at ANZ, engineering is about delivering a seamless customer experience at scale through working with the rest of the business in an innovative, adaptive and agile way.  You will have significant hands on engineering / development experience to drive software delivery excellence and engineering standards for the platform. You will enforce best practices for development teams and help guide the overarching platform architectural needs.
As an Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, building, testing and supporting Intelligent Automation solutions and/or our underlying bank infrastructure. Engineers work closely with squad members to ensure outcomes exceed our customers expectations.

Who are you?

You will also a combination of the following specialised skills:

A capability builder

You build the professional capability and confidence of your team,identifying areas where people may need support or further challenge. I am committed to enabling mastery, autonomy and purpose in your team

A collaboration champion

You champion collaboration and build the expertise, capabilities and engagement of team members that are embedded across multiple squads

The customer’s biggest fan

You demonstrate a thirst for better understanding the customer and define the problem and develop solutions through their eyes

Comfortable being uncomfortable

You are comfortable with uncertainty and have the ability to effectively manage yourself through ambiguity and change

Continuous improvement junkie

You constructively challenge the status quo, look for better ways to do things and passionately advocate continuous improvement

Committed to your own and other’s growth

You strive to stretch and grow yourself and others by identifying your own development areas, seeking feedback and providing feedback to others to help them learn and grow everyday

A problem solver

You are energised by tackling complex problems and use critical thinking, your network, skills, knowledge, and available data to drive better outcomes for our customers and the bank

A knowledge junkie that does stuff with it

You actively seek out market trends, leading practices and innovations in domain area and rapidly maximise their relevance and opportunity for the organisation

Have a good ol’dose of professional humility

You actively and visibly ask for feedback and role model sharing your failures and weaknesses in the interest of learning

Committed to making ANZ a ‘great place to grow’

You am passionate about enabling people to grow through creating an open, safe and supportive environment. I relentlessly challenge and support people to become the best versions of themselves – and challenge yourself in the same way

Risk savvy

You build sustainable solutions that protect stakeholders and customers and proactively address risks by role-modelling improvements in the bank’s overall risk and control environment

What you bring to the Role?

  • Experience in modern development practices and languages such as Python, Java, Node.js and REST APIs.
  • Experience in working with Machine Learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Apache MXNet, H2O, Caffe etc.
  • Experience working with operations and architecture groups developing scalable and supportable solutions
  • The ability to diagnose defects / issues across the full stack
  • Write unit tests, perform code reviews, and be involved with design discussions about architecture, data models, business logic
  • Attention to detail and strong focus on quality and software engineering excellence
  • A desire to continuously adopt new techniques / technologies and drive innovation for ANZ
  • Experience with continuous integration/delivery. Tooling such as Git/GitHub, Bamboo/Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes/OpenShift, SonarCube, etc.
  • A thirst and willingness to expand and gain knowledge in new technologies (e.g. Machine Learning / AI)
  • Experience developing, delivering and operating large scale highly integrated systems
  • Experience in processes and technology standards
  • Obsessed with software engineering excellence, new methodologies and leading change
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Hiring Team
Uma Bhaktha and other hiring team at ANZ in Bengaluru

Uma Bhaktha

Has previously worked with companies like Accenture, ANZ and currently working at ANZ

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