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Big Data Engineer


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As a Senior Associate in Data Engineering, you will translate client requirements into technical design, and implement components for data engineering solution. Utilize deep understanding of data integration and big data design principles in creating custom solutions or implementing package solutions. You will independently drive design decisions to insure the necessary health of the overall solution


Your role is focused on Design, Development and delivery of solutions involving:

  • Data Integration, Governance & Wrangling
  • Data Storage and Computation Frameworks, Performance Optimizations
  • Analytics & Visualizations
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Computing
  • Data Management Platforms
  • Implement scalable architectural models for data processing and storage
  • Build functionality for data ingestion from multiple heterogeneous sources
  • Build functionality for data analytics, search and aggregation


  • More than 5+ years of experience of application development using Java/Scala
  • More than 3+ years of experience in Big Data application development
  • Hands-on experience with the Hadoop stack (Hadoop MR, Hdfs, Pig, Hive, Sqoop)
  • Experienced in computation frameworks like Spark, Storm, Flink using Java/Scala
  • Well versed with streaming data processing using Kafka, Spark Streaming, Storm etc.
  • Experience in working on Big Data application in cloud environment using either AWS, Azure or Google cloud platform
  • Excellent knowledge of NoSQL platforms like Hbase, MongoDb, Cassandra etc.
  • Good knowledge of database technology with hands on experience on databases such as Oracle, SQL Server etc
  • Self-starter, with a keen interest in technology and highly motivated towards success
  • Excellent oral and written communication, presentation, and analytical skills


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Articulation skills
  • Good team player
  • Self-starter who requires minimal oversight
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks
  • Process orientation and the ability to define and set up processes


The role is expected to support in the domain of Digital Transformation engagements which requires client applications to provide their consumers with enhanced experience by transforming the digital capabilities. The clients are not from any specific industry though few have been listed to provide the perspective.

  • Retail: The industry is focusing on improving sales and transitioning towards online market places. They also are looking out to build solutions to understand consumers better, design models and predict consumer likes / dislikes
  • BFSI: Clients are looking digital transformation by taking almost all services online unless regulatory restrictions come in the way
  • Travel and Hospitality: There is a lot of disruption happening in the domain as the market if quite competitive and the competition is cut throat. Topics such as in-venue experience, hyper personalization, mobility are driving lot of innovation
  • Automobile: The industry is adopting transformation in both consumer and dealer’s digital enablement
  • Healthcare: Exploring fresh ways to build patient data and derive insights. Build platforms to have real time tracking of patient’s health by consolidating data from multiple sources and devices and offer personalized medicines and treatments
  • Telecom: The industry is on cusp of a tipping point moving from pure play voice services to data driven offerings. Telecom players are focusing on modernizing operations, digitizing services, network upgrades and redefining their strategic identity.
  • Technology: Defining the future with digital transformation initiatives. Cloud Computing; IOT; Blockchain & AI are the current focus areas.
  • Manufacturing: Currently in a world of uneasiness. The industry is innovating on adapting technology to run supply chains & operations, monetizing digitization, and leveraging data & analytics
  • FMCG & CPG: Looking at cost cutting measures across all the operations. Strategizing with a more global outlook and looking at introducing products more aligned with consumer mindset
  • Entertainment & Media: Industry moving towards a content oriented experience available across multiple distribution channels. User insights and newer content requires robust data solutions.
  • Logistics & Shipping: Must explore newer technologies (robotics, real time delivery, self-driving vehicles & automated warehouses) and solutions to cater to consumer need and enhanced demands
  • Insurance: Changing business and operating models. Enterprise Innovation Models redefining ways in why insurers collect information about consumers, discover coverage needs, identify target markets, integrate consumer data and rapidly respond to regulatory changes and compliance
  • Education: The industry is automation a lot of paper workflows and taking them online along with providing enhanced user experience to attract the prospective customers
  • Marketing: Increased focus on consumer experience. Build customer centric models and gather behavioural data about consumers to deliver personalized content
  • Infrastructure & Real Estate: A fundamental shift in the consumer market – focus on environmental, social and financial concerns. Understanding consumer behavior is key to planning this year. Impact of data and analytics will begin to emerge, helping improve capacity planning and operational cost reduction.
  • Energy & Utilities: Emerging energy services are threatening incumbents. Innovations in current technologies and exploring service based models.


The role expects that the individual has decided to consider Big Data and its related technologies as the key skill.

The individual can morph the career in following directions:

  • No SQL Expert
  • Cloud Computing expert
  • Big Data architect


Publicis Sapient is a digital transformation partner helping established organizations get to their future, digitally-enabled state, both in the way they work and the way they serve their customers. We help unlock value through a start-up mindset and modern methods, fusing strategy, consulting and customer experience with agile engineering and problem-solving creativity. As digital pioneers with 20,000 people and 53 offices around the globe, our experience spanning technology, data sciences, consulting and customer obsession – combined with our culture of curiosity and relentlessness – enables us to accelerate our clients’ businesses through designing the products and services their customers truly value. Publicis Sapient is the digital business transformation hub of Publicis Groupe. For more information, visit publicissapient.com

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Big Data Engineer

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