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Big Data Architect


12 to14 years
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  About opportunity

Must Have

  • Basics of Distributed computing
  • MapReduce
  • Distributed computing vs RDBMS/ scale up vs scale out
  • Hands on experience in any one of the programming languages (Java, Python, Scala)
  • Understanding of Linux and Bash scripting
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Basics of Hadoop framework, problem patterns that can be solved like filtering, aggregation, joins etc
  • Understanding of Spark concepts like RDD, Dataframes, Clousures etc., has implemented at least one project using Spark and Scala
  • Should have worked on at least 1-2 bigdata projects (Could be ingestion, ETL processing) on the Cloudera Platform
  • Understanding of Hive/Pig, concepts like partitioning, bucketing, metastore, schema on read vs schema on write, SerDe
  • Solid programming fundaments /design concepts.
  • In depth understanding of different batch and stream processing technologies and NoSQL storage
  • Demonstrated work experience as an Sr.Developer/ Jr. Architect role in Bigdata/Cloud and opensource technology stack.
  • Should be able to articulate, suggest right use of technology stack for different use cases with reasoning.
  • Understanding of Lambda, Kappa architecture
  • Should have participated or able to suggest right hardware choices, platform components, distributions etc.

Good to Have

  • Programming concepts
  • Object oriented vs Functional programming concepts
  • Design patterns (Singleton, Immutable, Factory)
  • MapReduce Programming like Combiner, Partitioiner, InputFormat/OutputFormat, Serialization
  • Distributed Computing
  • Scale up vs Scale out
  • Scala hands on, SparkSQL, dataframes etc.
  • Understanding of different storage formats Avro, RCFile, ORC, Parquet
  • Has worked/working on any one of the cloud platform AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Has worked/working on any one of the bigdata platforms like Hortonworks, Cloudera, Datastacks, Databricks
  • Aware of latest technology trends in streaming, real-time, batch processing frameworks (Storm, Apache Beam, Flink, Spark, Kafka Connect etc)
  • Certified in any of the bigdata distribution (Hortonworks/Cloduera/Databricks/Datastacks)
Hiring Team
Pradeep Pasupuleti and other hiring team at Hitachi in Hyderabad,Pune,Bengaluru

Pradeep Pasupuleti

Working at companies like ntt data, osi, techwave and has worked on Analytics, Splunk, Service Oriented Architecture

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Big Data Architect

Hitachi   •   Hyderabad,Pune,Bengaluru