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Backend Developer - JAVA (SDE-I, SDE-II)

2 - 5 years
2 - 5 years
Reactive Programming
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Reactive Programming

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Required Skills:

  • Experience in large-scale software projects with passion for building impactful products from ground up
  • Proficient coding with proven skills in Java, using frameworks such as Spring.
  • Proficient with a SQL DB like MySQL, ability to design/maintain large sized database schemas
  • Proficient in database optimization and normalization
  • Excellent communicator and team player
  • Great communication skills

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with designing and developing software based on a microservices architecture.
  • Experience designing and architecting flexible, horizontally scalable systems
  • Experience with frameworks like Jenkins(CI/CD), container frameworks like Docker, Kubernetes
  • Familiarity with a reactive programming framework like RxJava or Reactor

About HomeLane

Launched in 2014, Homelane is a technology-driven solution provider for personalized home interiors, with focus on predictability and quality of the products and services delivered. HomeLane is headquartered in Bangalore, with over 2500+ homes served successfully across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and NCR. An uncompromising focus on technology, coupled with the most accomplished designers/architects in the country, has enabled us to address the unpredictability you would otherwise experience with local carpenters or interior designers/vendors. At HomeLane, we give you a 100% transparent costing and deliver we deliver with a 45-day guarantee, making this process entirely stress-free in terms of costs, timelines and quality.


Right from the early stages of inception, it has been clear to us that we needed to have a strong foundation in engineering to achieve the scale and seamless integration across diverse operations such as design, visualization, pricing, manufacturing, installation and delivery. Today, HomeLane prides itself in its strong base of technology innovations that form the DNA of organization.

We are building a disruptive platform that is set to revolutionize the way the home interior industry functions. This is fuelled by HomeLane’s technology team that spans across full stack web app design, Real time 3D graphics programming, linear programming & optimization algorithms, scalable workflow realization, high fidelity database management an devops automation. Further, we use AI-driven enhancements to the software solutions based on business insights and customer experience metrics.

Engineers at HomeLane get to experience an accelerated growth and learning curve, getting to work on cutting edge technology that directly fuels business growth. They solve hitherto unsolved problems in the domain via a combination of scalable architectures, software technologies and stacks.


3+ years of professional experience building robust backend solutions
A Bachelors/Masters degree in Computer Science/Engineering, or equivalent experience from a Tier 1 college


  • Design and develop production-ready microservices for high-performance web applications
  • Deliver back end software solutions that yield excellent scalability and reliability
  • Manage devops (CI/CD/Security/Databases) of these systems
  • Quick prototyping of new solutions for new requirements for functionality/performance
  • Collaborate with front end engineers, product managers and other engineers
  • Write and maintain design documentation
  • Realize unit/integration test scripts/code for testing software before release
  • Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues, if any
  • Support and troubleshoot deployed systems on field, if needed
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Backend Developer - JAVA (SDE-I, SDE-II)

Homelane   •   Bengaluru