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Applied Scientist II

3 to 9 years
3 to 9 years
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Job Description
Amazon’s Selection Monitoring team is responsible for making the biggest catalog on the planet even bigger. We build software to find products not already sold on Amazon and algorithmically add them to the Amazon catalog. Our work involves building Information Retrieval (IR) infrastructure, Machine Learning systems, and distributed compute and storage systems to process data at cloud-scale to extend and enrich the Amazon catalog. We apply the state- of- the-art Web-mining, Cloud Computing and Deep Learning to process millions of products from the web every day and make the data actionable. We constantly stretch the boundaries of Machine Learning to tackle business challenges. If you are customer obsessed, self-driven, tenacious and analytical, you will have fun solving our business problems of unprecedented scale. As an experienced machine learning scientist, you will help research and develop new computer algorithms leveraging both classical and deep learning techniques.

We are looking for ML Scientist to tackle challenging problems in the areas of information retrieval at internet scale using data science. You should have depth and breadth of knowledge in text mining, information retrieval and deep learning. You should also have programming and design skills to manipulate unstructured data and systems that work at internet scale.

You will encounter many challenges, including

  • Scale (build models to handle billions of pages),
  • Accuracy (extreme requirements for precision and recall),
  • Speed (generate predictions for millions of new or changed pages with low latency),
  • Diversity (models need to work across different languages, market places and data sources)

Come join us in our journey to make everything – and yes, we do mean everything – that anyone wants to buy, available on Amazon!

Basic Qualifications
- Bachelor’s/Master Degree in Computer Science with advanced degrees preferred.
- 5+ years of hands on experience in building machine learning systems for large data sets.
- Strong skills in problem solving, programming and computer science fundamentals.
- Expertise in using Python, Java / C++, or other programming languages, as well as ML toolkits such as scikit-learn, Theano, Tensorflow, Keras or similar machine learning tools.

Preferred Qualifications
- PhDs, specialized in Information Retrieval and Machine Learning.
- Experience in designing and implementing information retrieval, web mining systems using Deep Learning and Neural Networks.
- Big thinker that can take broad visions and concepts and develop structured plans, actions and measurable metrics and then execute those plans.

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Hiring Team
Rajeev Rastogi and other hiring team at Amazon in Bangalore

Rajeev Rastogi


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Applied Scientist II

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