Android Developer

2 - 4 yrs exp
2 - 4 yrs exp
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  • 2-5 years of Android development experience
  • Strong knowledge of Android platform and Java (Activities, intents, and fragments)
  • SQLite and good knowledge of threading concepts
  • Strong in UI layouts and writing scalable and reusable UI components
  • Ability to write clean and testable code with unit tests using mocking frameworks
  • Knowledge of UI automation frameworks such as Espresso and UIAutomator is a bonus. Should be willing to pick it up on the job if not already well versed.
  • Experience in writing Android libraries or open source contributions is a bonus
  • Knowledge of android build tools systems
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about the platform
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About Helpshift

In a time where India offers many opportunities to make a global impact, we know it takes something special to make a potential employer stand out… so what makes us different? Well, below are our answers to a few key questions you should always ask.

  1. Are you a pure play tech company or a technology enabled services company? A pure play technology company is where people build the most technology chops. Technology is only a small aspect of the focus in technology enabled services like “local food/grocery delivery”. Our platform serves 3B requests a day across 1.5B devices in under 30ms latency. A technology stack that can handle that scale requires some serious engineering on top of platforms like Clojure, Erlang (the same one WhatsApp uses), ReactJS and all the leading mobile OSes (iOS, Android).
  2. What impact are you having globally? The largest Indian SaaS companies may have a lot of users yet they fail to show any leading global brand as customers. For example, sells a CRM with annual revenues of $6B while its Indian competitor Zoho sells an alternative which has less than 1/50th of the same amount. We build a premium product that competes globally and have some of the marquee brands such as Microsoft, Zynga, and Supercell as customers.

  3. What can I learn from your company? If a company hires you for your existing skills, you will only become slightly better at what you do. We have a very small but talented group of hackers who constantly challenge each other. We use some of the world’s most advanced tech like Kafka, ElasticSearch, Storm to deliver massive scale. Our engineers have written about some of the work we do on our Engineering Blog.

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