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Ab initio Lead

Airtel X Labs
4 to 8 years
4 to 8 years
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Airtel Office : 1st Floor, E-park, next to Zensar IT company, Kharadi,Pune 411014

  About opportunity

Data and Innovation is the heart of how Airtel has become the Leader in the Telecom space in India. We are looking
for technology geeks who have a passion to change the big data engineering game and who are the best in what
they do

Become a part of the team who is working on the must cutting edge technology and complex volume in the data
engineering space, We are looking for seasoned Leads to join us who have a strong hold on abinitio ecosystem.

What are we looking for:

  • Must have extensively worked on GDE, Conduct IT and Continuous Flows
  • Deep understanding of EME management, branching and development lifecycle
  • ACE , Express IT or MHub knowledge add on.
  • Integration experience with Hadoop technologies
  • Strong Unix scripting experience.
  • Should be aware of the co-op parameters and performance tuning.
  • Should be fluent in data warehousing concepts
  • Writing LLD and understanding BRS
  • Ab Initio development and design experience with GDE, Conduct IT, Continuous Flows , Express IT and MHub
  • Knowledge in setting up and maintain Ab Initio environments
  • Knowledge of various data warehousing techniques and models
  • Understanding of Database architecture and Hadoop architecture
  • Experience in gathering requirements from business, write HLD and LLD
  • Telecom/Banking experience is preferred
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Ab initio Lead

Airtel X Labs   •   Gurgaon