Hire Plus

A performance-based platform for intuitive recruitment. Driven by AI, Belong gives you the one tool you need to optimise top talent recruitment at scale.

Backed by decades of research, Belong Hire Plus makes hiring effortless, personalised, and cost-effective.

Cut cost-per-hire by 45%

1.8X higher interview turn out ratio

3X better time-to-hire

Boost net Talent Promoter Score for 2X better candidate experience

Belong Hire Plus is the intuitive recruitment partner you need to scale hiring of top talent effortlessly.

Get straight to lining up candidates for interviews

Enter new requisitions in a few clicks, and watch your pipeline overflow with selected matches of engaged candidates. Minimum effort, maximum gain.

AI matches the right candidate with right opportunities

Automated shortlisting and screening of relevant candidates, personalised email outreach, scheduling and confirmation of interviews – effortlessly.

Create candidate delight

Communicate when it matters with automated highly personalised outreach and smart contextual responses. engagement, smart scheduling and parity of process make an indelible impression on top talent.

Effective enterprise recruitment

Belong’s outcome-based model promises high degree of fulfilment. Reduce hiring time from 45 days to 15 days with multi-faceted automation.

Belong’s ownership till hire

Repository of updated anonymised market data, industry reports, and context support

Updated candidate profiles with 360-degree information.

Hire Plus offers end-to-end ownership and support

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