82% CEOs in India believe promoting diversity helps enhance business performance

Source: PwC 18th Annual Global CEO Survey

Research consistently shows that companies that invest in a diverse workforce are better able to attract talent, collaborate more effectively, and enhance their overall business performance. Yet recruiting teams everywhere struggle to hire diverse talent — in particular, female candidates.

Diversity hiring efforts mostly comprise manual work and are considered time consuming, given that traditional solutions aren’t built to help recruiters identify and engage diverse candidates.

How can Belong for Diversity help?

Identify and segment female candidates right from the main search platform, by activating the one-click “Belong for Diversity” switch.

Learn more about candidates and engage those ready for an opportunity using our comprehensive Candidate Profiles and Passivity Index features.

Send beautifully-crafted, personalized emails that are pre-scanned for biases against female candidates.

Successfully nurture and engage diverse candidates using Belong’s Contextual Responses feature.

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