I love it that Belong is a learning product. I find features like Belong Picks really useful, since it is like a candidate recommendation engine tailored for just me. It brings down the time spent on sourcing by half!

Rahul Goyal,
Tech Recruiter at Snapdeal

Let time never be a constraint for candidate delight

Deliver a stellar candidate experience at scale

Belong's Automated Reachout makes engaging candidates seamless and intelligent. The system delights candidates with highly personalized communication automatically and only notifies you when a candidate expresses interest.

Do what you love, leave the rest to our automations

With deadlines to meet, it isn't always possible to follow up with every candidate. With Belong's Automated Follow-ups and Contextual Responses, you can rest easy knowing no candidate is left behind!

Making engagement intelligent with data

With features like Personalization and Smart Scheduling, Belong ensures that each piece of communication that the candidate receives is the best possible one, sent at the best possible time. Make an impression, without much effort!

4 x

the open rate compared to traditional platforms

3 x

the response rate compared to traditional platforms

17 hrs

saved per recruiter per week at minimum

Work with people invested in your success


Football · Global politics · Enterprise Tech Enthusiast


Aesthetic design · Indian cuisine · Process management


Royal Enfield · House music · Sourcing strategy


Debating · Camping · Candidate experience


Manchester United · Chocolates · SaaS and RM


Economics · Baking · Enterprise success management


Marathons · Child education · Recruitment data expert

Success Managers - Your champions at Belong

Our Success Managers are committed to helping you hire the best people for every role. They bring solid product expertise and an in-depth understanding of recruitment best practices to help you hit your goals and get the best out of Belong.

Access best-in-class market intelligence

The time, effort and research Belong puts into exploring the data and best practices for outbound recruiting, is an industry-first. All our partners and users get exclusive access to our network of experts on outbound hiring, market intelligence, industry reports, resources and workshops aimed at making them outbound champions.

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