A robust applicant tracking system combined with an effective talent CRM

Engage features end-to-end applicant tracking, automated candidate engagement, and AI-directed smart streamlining.

Engage the best talent at scale

300% faster requisition creation and approval

30% reduction in drop-offs

30% reduction in time-to-hire

80% reduction in costs and sourcing effort

Eliminate redundancies

Get rid of superfluous workflows while finding, hiring and retaining top talent. Access your talent pool functions through a single platform, collect feedback from hiring managers, and personalise engagement efforts.

Innovative persona based search

Move beyond typical keyword searches to source based on ideal candidate personas with Engage’s integrated Spotlight technology. Pick and choose the best from the ranked list of ready-to-hire candidates.

Automated and personalised engagement

Engage keeps existing talent connected, warm, and ready-to-hire with AI-backed personalised engagement, emailing systems, and automated drip marketing campaigns.

Scale success with automated sourcing

Auto-shortlisting and smart workflows reduces your team’s sourcing effort and costs by 80%.

Candidate Journey Managers

This intelligent, automated platform tracks talent progress, sends automated reminders, assigns recruiters, and customises engagement outreach from start to end.

Seamless Integration with Existing Technology

Completely customisable, Belong Engage integrates with current employee repositories, hiring tools, and third-party productivity apps without missing a beat.

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