Hiring Top Talent Through the

Outbound Methodology

A Turvo Case Study

Founded in Palo Alto, California, Turvo is reimagining how the world moves things. Its purpose-built platform is revolutionizing the trillion-dollar logistics industry by infusing modern design principles with data science and statistical modelling. In 2015, the company’s CTO and Co-founder, Sai Nagboth set upon establishing Turvo India, the R&D arm of Turvo Inc, in Hyderabad.

55 %


Turvo built 55% of its team through Belong.

The challenges for a company launching in India are many – they need to navigate a complex regulatory environment, secure legal clearances, set up a new campus, and much more. But the biggest challenge is almost always in attracting top talent, particularly when their talent brand is yet to take off.

As with several international companies setting up engineering centres in India, Turvo needed a talent partner who could help them understand the country's talent landscape, and offer a solution that would help them target and engage the best people.

Data - driven approach to finding the right people

Sai had a clear vision for his team in Hyderabad. He wanted people who were fast-learners, could hit the ground running and were results-driven; a team he could trust to operate with little oversight. He wanted top engineering talent from market-leading, global product companies. But top talent wasn’t on job boards, actively looking for new opportunities. This meant traditional inbound solutions weren’t going to cut it.

Which is why Belong’s proactive outbound approach to recruitment made perfect sense for Turvo. Belong’s Curation Engine analyzed talent data from hundreds of professional and developer-oriented networks and forums across the Internet, thus vastly expanding the engineering talent pool Turvo could tap into.

Turvo's Hiring Challenges

Finding people who are adaptable

Finding people who are

Top Talent wasn’t on job boards

Simultaneously, Belong’s Adaptive Search, which is built on machine learning, detected Turvo’s candidate preferences by analyzing sourcing and engagement patterns and “studying” candidates who were interviewing successfully with their teams.

Belong’s Passivity Index helped identify candidates who were most likely open to new opportunities by analyzing insights from social and market data.

“The data-driven approach to hiring is what sold me onto Belong. In the initial days, we were a small team, often strapped for time. The candidate recommendations, now Belong Picks, we were seeing on Belong wasere based on the candidates we shortlisted and ignored. This enablesd us to find relevant, talented candidates much quicker. Belong has been instrumental in helping our Turvo hit a critical mass as a team”


The result? Turvo now had a highly curated and relevant pool of candidates who could potentially realize Sai’s vision. Now the challenge was to get these candidates to sit up and take notice.

Delivering a stellar candidate experience, at scale

In his initial hiring days, Sai quickly found that 1:1 conversations were the most effective way for Turvo to get candidates interested and excited. It was also the best way for Turvo to get its vision and values out, since they weren’t heavily investing in building their brand at the moment.

So of course, the team loves Belong’s Personalized Engagement solution, which enables personalized conversations between recruiters and candidates using social insights and contextual data. Added to this, the automated follow-ups feature meant Apoorva Indla, Lead TA at Turvo could cut down on redundant tasks and provide interested candidates a great experience.

“I really love the Engagement System on Belong, because the response from passive candidates has been impressive. I read all the emails sent to candidates, and the social insights in the interactions help me prepare in advance for the exploratory calls. Thanks to Belong, I don’t have to stay up all night writing emails or following up!”


With their meticulous processes, solid focus on candidate experience and Belong, Turvo soon had candidates filling up their hiring pipeline. In the last year, over 55% of hires at Turvo

has happened through Belong and the company has seen over 305% in ROI. Turvo is a stellar example for how any company can hire top talent with a targeted approach to engaging candidates.

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