Hiring Game Changers for Practo

- A Belong Case Study

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Practo’s vision is to help mankind live longer and healthier through better, easier and seamless access to healthcare. The company recognized early on that its aggressive growth depended directly on the talented people it brings on board. To make this happen, Practo’s hiring team needed a solution that would help them find game changers, and engage them through a stellar brand experience.

Practo's Hiring Challenges

Finding relevant top talent
for strategic functions

Hiring people who were aligned to the company vision

Bringing down hiring costs

Belong helped Practo by bringing in top talent that impacted the company's growth.

“We’ve made multiple game changing hires through Belong”


Belong’s approach to candidate matching is data-driven. It goes beyond skills to account for more critical factors, including candidates’ interests and motivations to ensure the person is a good fit for a position and the company. So Practo found candidates who are not only relevant for the role, but also identified and aligned with their vision.

“Belong has helped us go into the nooks and corners of the talent pool to find people who really fit in with Practo”


The powerful Curation Engine in Belong brings a selection of talented passive candidates from various networks including professional networks and communities and job boards. This helped Practo to tap into an otherwise undiscovered talent pool to hire the best of the best. The automated, personalized engagement offered by Belong helped them delight and engage the candidates by delivering a great experience.

“Belong has not only helped bring down our costs, but has also increased our acceptance rate by 65%”


Practo achieved increased ROI with Belong, a subscription based SaaS product. With that, they could shift costs from expensive recruitment agencies and job board licenses, reducing their cost of hiring.

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