Tips to make wiser career decisions!
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Sonal Alva, Career Coach

07 Jul, 193 mins read

You may have the skills, knowledge of the work that you are currently doing and are willing to take the next step in your career journey, plagued with the thoughts of either taking this job or choosing to wait. How do you make a wise decision?

Here are two major questions to ask yourself before you take an interview

Are you passionately curious about the job? To achieve greatness, it is absolutely imperative to be curious. Curiosity is the key to unlocking the growth on your career path and this is one question which you must always ask yourself, are you constantly curious about the work which has been offered? Are you constantly researching about the job or the industry, constantly questioning the framework and changing the playbook for yourself? If you have successfully, positively answered these questions, you will find working for any organization quite blissful!

Are you ambitious towards this position? Assuming that you have already applied for the job and you have got the JD from the employer, you should definitely ask yourself, Have you set this on your path to your North Star and if it is, will taking up this position drive you forward? Do you have a strong desire to take it up and wish to successfully build yourself in it? So take time in reading through the JD and see if this is something that you intend to do in the future with this organization.

So, now that we got that out of the way, let us understand what proposed employers look for before employing you.

Being Optimistic: It is very important for you as a candidate to ensure that you remain optimistic throughout the interview process. Attack the interview with a smile and an up-beat attitude and treat the entire interview process to be a conversation about how you can positively impact the organization and ask questions about how you can grow in the organization. The interview is a two way process, never forget that.

Being Modest: ‘Humility goes a long way when it comes to driving good teamwork. It’s important to celebrate as a team but also to personally take responsibility for shortcomings.’ A simple way to demonstrate modesty is by using ‘we’ over ‘I/me’. Displaying less importance on self is an aesthetic which is valued everywhere.

Adaptability and learning the art of unlearning: Sure you must have worked in a company for over 5-10years and you have been very happy with the work that you are doing, but now when you are considering to leave the company, now is the time that you seriously consider adapting in a new workplace. Change in the only constant and your ability to adapt to a new environment is critical for your growth. Show that you are willing to carry the positives that you have learnt in your previous organizations and quickly change/unlearn the things which are holding you back. That is the true essence of a niche candidate. #Rule101

Displaying complete commitment to work: Employers are keen on understanding you as a person, but more than that, they would love to understand your commitment on getting the job done. Irrespective of whether you believe you are a hard worker or a smart worker, employers are keen to see if you have the zeal to ensure that you can get that job done. This would be a good time to explain to the employers the work that were associated in the past and how you overcome a certain difficulty at work, be it problem solving or meeting a really tight deadline.

Embracing failures like your triumphs: Some employers/recruiters have this habit of asking you about your ‘Number 1’ failure. The primary reason they want to know this about you is to get a sense of how you would deal with your failures, would you treat it as a shameful event or did you choose to learn from it & move forward. Keep in mind, always embrace your failures like they were events you learnt something out of and you can treat them as an opportunity to learn more and emerge victorious in these affairs.