Top 10 Interview Preparation Websites
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26 Aug, 192 mins read

There are many different sites to help you prepare for your interview. Each preparation site depends on the kind of subject you choose the type of skill-set you have. The most important thing that you showcase in an interview is your confidence. They say, 90% of the importance is the way you say things, and rest 10% depending on what you say.

While taking help from interview preparation sites, remember not to memorize the answers, but understand what they mean. You will get to know your strengths and weaknesses. You can improve your skills and knowledge accordingly.

Here are the top 10 websites to help you get your dream job:

1.Gainlo : If you want to prepare for mock interviews to prepare for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on, Gainlo is worth checking out. Gainlo gives you a very similar experience to getting interviewed by recruiters from top-notch companies in the world.

2.AceTheInterview : AceTheInterview is dedicated to every aspect of job seeking. The interview section of this website has to do’s and don’ts tips for a job interview, how to negotiate your salary, important interview checklist, and many other tips to prepare you for your dream job.

3.Glassdoor : Glassdoor doesn’t just help you prepare for your interviews; it also lets you have a peek inside the company culture and employee feedback on the organization. On Glassdoor, you can search for interview questions of a specific company.

4.Interview Kickstarter : This website has a range of mock interviews as a strategy. You will be put into pressurized situations, sans the real pressure, and prepare you for the tough spots you face in an interview. It also helps you in identifying the weak areas to let you work on them. : Indiabix is a place where you’ll find interview questions, general knowledge questions, questions for aptitude test, etc. This website gives you a combination of an overall interview process. You’ll find a majority of questions that recruiter asks in interviews today. A lot of recruiters pick questions for interviews from this website.

6.Careercup : Careercup is an interactive website to learn and try programming skills on the web. You’ll find a pleasant space to do programming and coding exercises for practice. Careercup helps you shift your thinking to logical thinking in a short time.

7.AmbitionBox : AmbitionBox is a treasure box of information. You’ll find tons of articles focusing on the job market and interview processes. You can also find mock tests to help you prepare for your interviews. You can also join their community to seek help from real people on time and network with them. Ther are a lot of company decision-makers hanging in the community; you may end up connecting with your future boss.

8.Codercareerblog : Codercareerblog will help you improve your problem-solving skills, and get thorough with your technical concepts as well. This is a go-to website for coders who are actively seeking out job opportunities. This website will help you understand the logic behind the questions asked by the recruiter to help you gain a clear understanding of the concepts.

9.Project Euler : Project Euler has a series of mathematical equations which require more than just mathematical equations to solve. This website teaches you how to use a computer in programming skills. It hones your skill to answer most of the coding problems before an important interview.

10.InterviewBuddy : InterviewBuddy lets you choose a time slot and a curated list of materials to study for your interviews. After giving the mock-interview, you will get feedback on your performance with a link recording of your interview. You don’t need to download the software, it’s available online.

Bonus tip: Never let your fear or nervousness take over the best of you. Take a deep breath whenever you get anxious during the interview and calm your mind. It’s okay to get nervous in an interview, but you wouldn’t want to panic on the spot and lose your chance.