The ultimate list of data science events and meetups in India
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Maragadamma R, Career Coach

27 Sep, 182 mins read

I really hope that by now you are convinced about the power of using events and meetups to upskills yourself on important topics and network your way up the career ladder. If you are not, well that is a topic for another day! But for now, here is a list that we have handpicked and curated over the past few months of the best run data science events in India.

I have tried my best to describe an categorise the events based on specific themes to help you choose better. Get out there, and have fun!

Upcoming events in 2018/19

The Fifth Elephant - 18th January ( Mumbai)

Run by the experienced team at Hasgeek, you can rest assured that any Hasgeek event will be very professionally run. The past editions included a fabulous list of speakers. The tickets can be a little on the pricier side, but you pay for good quality.

DataHack Summit 2018 - 22nd November ( Bangalore)

AnalyticsVidhya is now a well known name in the community, and this is an yearly event run by the team. It's pretty tightly packed, with 60 speakers across 3 days; excluding hands-on workshops.

Cypher - Analytics India Summit - 26th September ( Bangalore)

This is the most premium conference around currently, with last minute tickets going as high as 18,000 INR! It is pretty well reputed and the past edition got good reviews from people. Expect a lot of Keynotes, Workshops and Knowledge Talks.

FIRE - Forum for information retrieval education - 20th December ( Gujarat)

This one has been around for 10 straight years, the first one being in 2008! It has expanded to include new domains like plagiarism detection, legal information access, mixed script information retrieval and spoken document retrieval to name a few.

Datathon by Data Science Society - 28th September ( Global)

The format is a bit different for this one (if you want to join a local hub, the Indian one is at Manipal University). Think of this as a weekend long competition where you work with the community to crack patterns and algorithms.

CoDS-COMAD run by ACM India Joint International Conference - 3rd January ( Kolkata)

The name is a mouthful we agree, but you can expect highly technical and research oriented conference if its run by ACM society. You can also head to the website and submit your papers for presentation.

MIKE - Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration - 20th December (Romania)

Although this year its in Romania, it was held in India for previous editions (and even Mexico!). It is an interdisciplinary conference that brings together people from a variety of domains. And if you ever wanted to go on a paid vacation, then convince your boss to pay for this one ;)

Recurring meetups

OpenDataCamp - 29th November ( Bangalore)

More of an unconference, rather than a meetup - this is perfect even for budding data scientists how are transferring from data and business analytics. Perfect place to meet people who are passionate about making data open.

AIMinds - every month or so (Bangalore)

Run by the team at Analytics India Magazine, this one is for young and aspiring minds in AI and ML. August was their second edition and was organised at ISB.

Bangalore Data Scientists Meetup - every month or so (Bangalore)

The most recent upcoming one is on September 27th itself, which is an AI workshop run on how news can affect sentiments.

Machine Learning Online Hackathons - every month or so ( Online)

This is almost like online coding challenges and inspired by Kaggle - a place for you to compete against data scientists online. The datasets and samples are given before the hackathon starts.