Sandeep Kohli tells us how he seeks out people with a can-do attitude.
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Maragadamma R, Career Coach

10 Apr, 193 mins read

Sandeep Kohli, is a VP of Engineering at Flipkart.

1. If you had a time machine to go back, what advice would you go give to your younger self?

Be more risk-taking. Try new things. It's important to try, failures are just stepping stones for bigger successes.

2. What is a favorite failure of your career until now? How did it help you set up for success later?

I was asked to lead a team when I had approx 2 years of career experience. I totally blew it up. The people hated me. Then I realized, It's more important to take people along than to deliver on 'a' task. When you create ownership, people can deliver way more than what you can hope for.

3. In the past few years, what has made you feel low/overwhelmed about your work? How did you overcome that feeling?

When I get overwhelmed, which could be due to not learning enough, or not creating impact, I give myself some time, say 6 months and will tell myself that I will take alternate path if I don't fix this in 6 months. This takes the pressure away as I have given myself an alternative and then I can focus on fixing the current situation.

4. If you had all the money, and time in the world; what would you be doing that you are not today?

Ensuring that modern AI/ML technologies become enablers for masses and not just be used to improve advertisements and click-through rates.

5. Who is that one person (or kind of person) that you would like to hire in your team today? And why?

Anyone who is confident and exudes 'can do' attitude! Should have a good sense of humor! I like people who raise the morale of the team in tough situations.