How to ask for status updates on your job application
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16 Oct, 194 mins read

Once you have submitted your application for a job opening, it’s natural that you’d be eager to know if your potential employer noticed your resume or not. 

Curiosity kills the cat but nurtures us.

It’s understandable that you’d want to know where you stand while waiting for a response from them, but sometimes hiring processes just take longer than other organizations. Often companies receive hundreds of resumes every day and it becomes challenging for them to reach out to every candidate on time and update them.

However, you can take a step forward and ask them how high are your chances to move to the next round.

When is the right time to follow-up:

1. When you’ve submitted an application: It depends on how you came across the job opening. It’s safe to wait for five to seven days to ask for an update through an e-mail. However, if someone has referred you, you can ask the person to talk to HR and find out for you.

  1. When you’ve attended an interview on telephone: It totally depends on how confident you are about your performance in the interview. If the interviewee didn’t tell you when they’ll get back to you, you can wait for a day or two to call them and get an update.

  2. When you had an interview in person: This depends if your interviewee has not given you any particular day to share an update with you. You can call them up or send them an email in a day or two after the day of the interview.

3 best approaches to follow-up:

Whenever you think is the best time to reach out to your interviewee, here are some best approaches you can follow:

  1. Email: If you have exchanged emails with the HR manager or the interviewee, you can follow-up on the same e-mail thread to ask about the status of your application. You can also highlight how you see yourself fitting in the team after the interview to show that you pondered upon your conversation with them after the interview.
  2. LinkedIn message: If you have connected on LinkedIn with them, you can reach out to them sending a short message on how you’re excited about this opportunity and would love to get feedback on your performance during the interview. This will help you get an insight into how you can improve your presentation, even if you don’t get the job.
  3. Phone call: If you have the phone number of the interviewee, you can call them up and ask them how you think you’ll be a great fit for the team. But is is highly advised that you schedule the call after asking them. If you didn’t make through the interview round, you can still ask for a few quick feedback from them to prepare well for your next interview.

4 simple tips for a follow-up:

  1. Don’t pester the HR manager or the interviewer too much on email and phone asking for an update. Once you reach out to them for a follow-up, they will get back to you with an update.
  2. If they give you a specific time for an update, don’t call before the decided time. As mentioned before, every organization has a different procedure for hiring, and sometimes they take longer than other organizations. Taking your frustration out by calling them repeatedly is going to leave a bad impression on them.
  3. Use the follow-up call as an opportunity to get feedback on your performance to get better in preparing for future interviews. You’ll get a genuine response on where you stand in your performance.
  4. Maintain a polite tone to ask for feedback or follow-up on your job application. Also, keep reinforcing that you’re interested in the opportunity and look forward to working with the team.

Bonus tip: Be thoughtful about your tone while reaching out to them. It’s natural to get impatient while waiting to know if you made through the interview or not. You can focus on applying for jobs in other organizations while waiting for a reply from them.

Whenever you’re making a jump, you need to make sure that you find the right job role in the organization. You don’t want to go through a bad experience in your future job. 

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