Debarya Dutta - Data Scientist @ Careem
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Maragadamma R, Career Coach

12 Mar, 193 mins read

Bit about Debarya Dutta, he's a Data Scientist trained in Statistics at Indian Statistical Institute, Ex - Ola and currently leading data science efforts in dispatching at Careem.

If you had a time machine to go back, what advice would you go give to your younger self?

Don't set goals to achieve something, set goals to change habits. In turn, these habits will help you achieve your goals. Take developing soft skills seriously. Time and again I have found that soft skills are important for success than technical skills.

What is a favorite failure of your career until now? How did it help you set up for success later?

My ability to convince my non-technical stakeholders that my work really means good value for the business. This event taught me how to communicate better with folks outside domain knowledge.

In the past few years, what has made you feel low/overwhelmed about your work? How did you overcome that feeling?

I started off in my career with the belief that my work should speak for itself and I have to make no effort in helping people adopt it. I felt unappreciated when I built a great model, however, it went unnoticed. I discussed this a senior he advised me to make presentations and discuss my work a lot more. I started talking a lot more about my work in the company and received great praises.

If you had all the money, and time in the world; what would you be doing that you are not today?

If I had all the money, time and power in the world, I would be working to make education accessible to all. I strongly believe that education is a right for all human beings at least till basic level, and in our current society a lot of people don't have the right access to education.

Who is that one person (or kind of person) that you admire? And why?

I admire my parents a lot. My mother has got herself educated beyond school, pushing the boundaries of her society and economic capability. My father took up odd jobs in his early career to get himself educated. I admire people who are able to dream and push boundaries to achieve their dreams.