On average, adults spend 60% of their waking life working.

Don’t we deserve to spend this time happy, at a place we belong?

Before Belong, our founders shared a challenge - hiring amazing people to build great teams at companies like Exotel and GreyOrange. As they spoke to several talented but discontented people, it became clear that there was a mismatch between passionate people and the places where they worked. This stood in the way of them finding satisfaction in what they did and unlocking their true potential.

Without a doubt, this was a problem that needed to be solved.

In our purest essence, this is what Belong is about. We believe people are more than the skills they pick up, their work experiences, or the designations they hold. Because to build anything that lasts - be it a company, a social movement or an institution - we need to connect on a level beyond all that. We are human beings with aspirations and values, not human resources.

At Belong, we are pouring our heart, soul and powerful data into helping awesome companies find people who truly belong, so they can make spectacular things happen.

Our Advisors in Partners

Raju Reddy
Founder & Ex-CEO,
Sierra Atlantic
Annil Chandel
Arpan Sheth
Senior Partner,
Bain & Co
Arun Seth
Nasscom Foundation
Ganesh Lakshminarayanan
Capillary Technologies
Gavin Patterson
Investor and Mentor,
President International,
Sarv Saravanan
Vice President,
Sohaib Abbasi
Former CEO,
Tim Lloyd
Former MD,
S|Three Plc

Belong in the Press

As recruiting continues to evolve, HR tech companies like Belong are bound to completely reshape and revolutionize the recruiting landscape in the near future.

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